Inspire, Design and Create
Inspire, Design and Create

Ballerina Kitchens are designed and produced with three principles in mind for the customer: Individuality, Simplicity and Practicality. For all who consider the kitchen as their central living space in their home, Ballerina kitchens offer innovative and endless possibilities.


Ballerina Kitchens has been awarded 1st Place in a nationwide survey of over 1000 German kitchen retail specialists.

The performance of Germany’s top 20 kitchen suppliers/brands were measured in 11 customer focused categories.

Your bedroom furniture should seamlessly balance design and functionality, and with that in mind, our collections combine beautifully finished modern and classic furniture with clever storage.


You deserve a space that gives you room to breathe at the end of the day. Considering the dimensions and imperfections of real rooms, we have designed our bedrooms to portray real life scenarios.We understand that bedroom furniture should be versatile, flexible and fit perfectly with modern life.

We Believe Kitchens are as individual as people. Designs are based on your lifestyle and family.

It all starts with a comprehensive consultation to establish with your needs and wants. We will discuss ideas to maximise the storage and usage . Explore seating and other features that will make your Kitchen your own.

By chosing only the best products we can put our name to it. We provide specialist Kitchens to suit all faiths such as Kosher Kitchens and Vastu Kitchens. Give us a call to discuss yours new Kitchen


Top 10 Tips to achieve the perfect Kitchen.


1. Decide what you are going to use for the room besides the kitchen. Consider dining, casual seating. Tv etc

2. Colours in the room. Floor, walls and Cabinets finishes.

3. What do you not have today that you really want. Ie, larder storage or even a new appliance.

4. Have a clear wish list. Write it down. This way when it comes to the design you can be clear in what you want. You need to list all appliances that you need. If you have a preference on brand mention it.

5. Do not visit more than 3 Kitchen companies. Why? You will end up not knowing who offers what and it can make the final decision more difficult.

6. Decide on a budget.  All most all Kitchen Studios will ask for a budget. They need this to give you your dream Kitchen at the right price. The last thing you want is to be presented with a design that is not what you want to spend. Be realistic when it comes to the budget. If you want all new appliances and granite worktops, be prepared to pay more.

7. Where can you go to buy.?

Kitchen suppliers fall into 2 categories.

First you have the “Trade Only “or Shed retailers. i.e. B and Q, Magnet, Wren. These sell kitchens which are sufficient for their purpose, however limited in range to maybe 40 door styles/colours. Shelf Life 5 -10 Years. Average price for a Kitchen including 5 Appliances £ 5,000 and above. Don’t get hooked by the large discounts. Nobody gives away 75% percent. It merely means they overpriced it to start with.

Secondly you have the Independent Showrooms. These will generally have a larger choice of Doors and finishes and will also treat you like a person, not a number. They tend to have a mixture of British and European suppliers, i.e. German or Italian. Better quality doors and cabinets.  Shelf Life 20-25 years. Price range from £9k to £50k. They will also be able to supply most makes of premium appliances and a wide array of worktops, such as Granite, Quartz and Corian.

People often say that the independents are more expensive. That is incorrect. People who have spent £20k at Wren kitchens, could have got a better-quality Kitchen from an independent for the same price or Cheaper.

8. Order your kitchen as early as possible. Delivery can be anything from 2 weeks to 10 weeks.

9. Decide who is going to install your kitchen. Builder or Kitchen fitter.? Independents prefer to install as they do all day every day.

10. Finally, agree everything before ordering you Kitchen, from how many cutlery trays to the handing of the cabinets.

I hope this helps you with your new Kitchen purchase. If you need any further advice, please call me Shanti on 077 380 676 71, and I will be glad to help.